Creative studio based in Madrid

Chemistry for life
► Motion
Opening title credits for 7th ANQUE International Congress.
See video here.

► Typographic compositions
Wallpaper series

A XL history
► Web
We design online campaign for the new SEAT car; Altea XL. Incluiding a website and short films series about car features. We collab with amazing illustrator, Maroto. Thanks to Atlético for the chance.
► Web
People all over the world feeling the same. We design for our beloved friend Jorge López.

random series
► Textile & Print design
Limited edition silkprinted 100% cotton tees & Set of 50×70 inkject posters. Shop

King Kong can’t die
► Art direction & Website production
We just learned that we had a nomination in the 18th ADC*E Awards – Best of European Design and Advertising 2009 – with a website for the Fantastic Film Festival of Sitges. CdeC has also decided to include it in his yearbook. Thanks to Dani Sáez and Jorge Lopez, from Vitruvio Leo Burnett, for the opportunity. We really enjoy doing this project. You can view part of the process.

tshirt MAD 009
► Textile design
Proposal for MAD 009 t-shirt contest comissioned by DMSTK

► Type design
ABSTRUSA // Difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge;
SEE in action | BUY at hypefortype

FAST – tshirt DMSTK Meetings
► Textile design
We wanted to participate in the contest organized by DMSTK and Vodafone for Domestika Meetings. Neither have been finalists…

Random Vida
► Brand identity
In Dosdecadatres randomness is part of our identity. Literally. Our name means “two on three”. We designed a series of silhouettes and use a script to generate random combinations. So every bussines cards, CDs, folders, envelopes, etc,… are unique.

Luis Bboy do the G
► Typework exhibition
From the day April 2, you can visit “Capital”, a typographic exhibition where our colleague Luis Bboy has been responsible to design the letter G.

Right here, right now
► Print
Right here, right now. Maybe the best way to start to know about us is showing our portfolio. We are our work. Nice to meet you.